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Details of Merseyflight's current pricing for flying lessons, hire charges and membership fees.
All prices include VAT and are subject to change.


Trial Flying Lessons, Flight Experiences & Beginners Packages

Trial Flying Lessons - Click here to see what's included Introductory Extended
Two Seater (one person) £109.00 £149.00
Four Seater (two persons) £134.00 £179.00
Introduction to Flying Offer - Triple Lesson Package PA-38 PA-28
3 extended flying lessons, including landings, pilot logs, briefings and temporary membership. £399.00 £499.00


Learning To Fly Options

Aircraft Hire Charges PA-38 PA-28
PPL Training (hourly rate)* £144.00 £164.00
IMC Training (hourly rate)* £164.00 £184.00
Night Training (hourly rate)* £164.00 £184.00
Solo (hourly rate)* £119.00 £139.00
10 Hour Blocks PA-38 PA-28
Training (10 hours bought in advance)* £1350.00 £1550.00
Solo (10 hours bought in advance)* £1100.00 £1300.00

*Landing fees (£18 each) are not included.

PPL Packages PA-38 PA-28
45 Hour PPL Package. Click here for details. £7,399.00 £8,399.00
Unlimited Fixed Price PPL Package. Click here for details. £9,999.00 £11,499.00
Membership Fees Price
Annual £120.00
Pilot's Starter Kit Price
Air Pilot’s Manual Volumes 1, 2, 4, 6 & 7, log book, kneeboard, aircraft checklist, fuel tester, aircraft technical guide, hi-vis vest, ear protection, lanyard, student pass and cockpit poster all in a flight bag! £233.82
Pilot's Navigation Kit Price
Air Pilot’s Manual Volume 3, flight computer, Northern chart, Southern chart, VFR flight guide, long rule, flight protractor, plotter, chart pens (4). £165.15
Ground School Price
One-to-one PPL Ground School (per hour) £35.00
Radio Telephony Course £180.00
Flight Test Fees Price
PPL/IMC Skills or SEP/IMC Revalidation £175.00
Medical Flight Test £160.00
CFI Signature for paper work £35.00


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